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Last update: Thu Sep 30, 2010

These rules are for members & non members too so please read it carefully:
  1. Please make sure you're posting your topics and/or threats in the right forums, Our moderators will move topics to the correct forums if they were found posted in the wrong forum.

  2. Please Don't post any spam replys in Command & Conquer news forum , if we found any spam replys here we will delete it without any reason given by the Moderator or the Admin.

  3. Please try to stay on topic. It's very important that you stay on topic becuase it's sometimes hard to keep a topic flowing. If any thread goes way off topic our moderators may choose to spilt it and create new threat out of the original threat or simply lock it.

  4. No name calling or insulting of other forums members or staff members.

  5. Do not post very big images in your posts this slows loading times and it can mess up with layout of the forums our staff will resize the image if that happend but please if you found your image not resized please resize it your self.

  6. don't post anything about ilegal games we only accept legal games here.

  7. Don't argue with admin\moderating team. Here the moderator is always right.

  8. Stay away and avoid personal attacks towards other forum members, if you don't agree with what someone posted,debate their post.. Not the person that posted it.

  9. We reserve the right to close\edit\delete any topic posted on our forums, if this happens to somthing you have posted and you're not sure why feel free to send a private message to a moderator asking why the post was removed or changed.

  10. If you post a download link you must make sure this link is working 100%.

  11. Do not ever try to advertise.

  12. Do not ever post Images, links or threads that cotains sexual cotents, if we found anyone breaking this line we won't warn him / her but we will take a very hard action against him / her, stuff like these are also not acceptable with avatars and signtures.

These are all our rules, but please note that we my add or edit new rules at any time we want, and you'll be notified via Email or Privet Message. If you need any help, contact us on or simply click our contact button.

You can also ask our staff the moderatores or admins

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