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How to Get Your Mod On CnCMasters

The support program is for free so every modder can enjoy it and we ask for nothing in return, but all we want that you do not break our rules, and the rules are as the following:
  • Your project must be a C&C related.
  • You may not refer people to illegal MP3s.
  • You may not refer people to adult content, software or materials.
  • You may not refer people to hacking products, software or materials.
  • You'll have an album on CnCMasters gallery section, so please not that you may "NOT" abuse it by uploading any sexual or non C&C related content(s) there.
  • The most important rule is that you're not already have your mod hosted somewhere or you already have a forum of the mod somewhere, there's no point of opening a forum for mod that already have one somewhere and it's active simply everyone can go there instead, but if you have a good reason, we can negotiate.
To apply, have your project hosted and supported, write to us and in your message please include some details, including the name of the project and the game on which the project is based on (if any). "Get your project(s) hosted Now!".
If you find these rules somehow unfair for you, or if you want to ask/discuss something with us, just send us an Email to: webmaster(at)cncmasters(dot)net or simply fill our contact form right here.


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